Thursday, October 29, 2009

The nice guys from Calexico let me "install" a Fire Hydrantable next to both of their food carts in Soho. This one was up for only 1 hour before it was whisked away by a man in a sailor's hat. I will take it as a compliment and let me know if you see it around!


  1. Is that the same one I saw on Houston SE corner Greene 4 days ago? (see comments on POP UP #3 entry) - it's gone today, sadly.

  2. That's POP UP #3 FIRE HYDRANTABLE, not the later entry.

  3. Now if only one could fashion a seat for the top of one of those two posts on the sides of the fire hydrant for someone with a small, bony butt like me.

    Up for the challenge? I've already got ideas.

    Great work by the way. Extremely ingenious.