Thursday, October 8, 2009


The setting: Calexico Food Cart, Broome and Broadway. October 8, 2009. Roughly 12:50-1:40pm.

For the first pop up lunch event, a gang of Pratt students helped me to test out my "lunch ledge" idea. I made four rough prototypes from pieces of wood studded with super-strong magnet-embedded posts. To add a little flair, I covered the pieces in contact paper and hot pink and orange artist tape (thank you Pearl Paint).

Overall, the ledges worked really well and thanks to Lys, they served as great conversation starters. People liked them, saying they looked like "street art" and that they seemed really useful what with the lack of tables and chairs on the street. For the most part, the ledges served as great burrito holders, though they were a little precarious. The magnets were a lot of fun (there sure are lots of places to stick these things in the city!), but there are stability issues that I'll have to resolve in the next round development.

Just putting the "fun" back in function - go ID! A big thanks to Dave, Lys, Rikki and Evan.

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