Wednesday, October 14, 2009

POP UP #3: Reporting Back

So, I went to 6th ave and 12th to meet my friend Lys for Pop Up Lunch #3, involving the aforementioned fire hydrantable. The purpose of the event was to get people's reactions to the fire hydrantable, and to see if they wouldn't be willing to try eating a tasty sandwich at it.

In preparation for the event, I made 9 peanut butter and fluff sandwiches on Wonder Bread, cut into the shape of pentagons (in going with the Pop Up Lunch schematic) to lure in hungry pedestrians. I made business cards linking to the website. I even bought a flower to create some atmosphere.

To be honest - I think we turned people off a little bit with the tasty sandwiches. The upside is that it was clear that people were taken with the fire hydrantable. People were doing double and triple takes as they passed us, smiling, and several said "that's a good idea". So, in the spirit of turning lemons into limoncello - the experience was a success in part.

After getting the bad juju vibe from 6th Avenue, we continued south and west in search of coffee and perhaps a few firemen to try out our new fire hydrantable. No such luck with the firemen, but we did meet a fellow classmate and then a group of New Yorkers who really loved the concept of a fire hydrantable. I happened to have a lunch ledge on hand, so I pulled that out too and I swear to you, they nearly applauded.

Takeaways: pop up street ware is a great concept. Continue to develop prototypes and try them out with people who are actually trying to eat on the street or are at points of food. Lastly, leave the free sandwiches at home, even if they are adorable, delicious and pentagon-shaped.

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  1. This is why I love Pratt students! Fab idea. Love the lunch ledge. Key: how portable are these things? does the hydrantable fold so you can carry it easily? lunch ledge could fold too. I would definitely buy the lunch ledge.if it fit in my handbag (which is generally pretty big).